Morbid _ Unicorn (beaunite) wrote in heather_ette,
Morbid _ Unicorn


If you are a big Heatherette fan then I have some stuff for sale.






Please email me at or comment me on this page if you're interested and need more info on these items. I only accept Money orders and concealed cash (At own risk). Thank you for looking!
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What are you asking for the gray shirt? And what size is it?
The Heatherette gray shirt is in size Medium. It has been worn once and retails at $22.95, I'm selling this shirt for $13
Hi, I was wondering if you're still interested in the Heatherette Grey shirt?
Hi, sorry. I usually wear a size small - does the shirt run small at all, or is it a pretty standard medium? And what would shipping be to area code 84604?

And also, if the unicorn heaven tank top hasn't been spoken for yet, I'm interested in that as well.
Hi, the unicorn has been spoken by three other people so I have to find out. But as for the grey one, I'm not sure about the size thing. I alternate between Small and Medium myself. I'm 5'4, 125 and it fits me.

As for shipping it will cost $4.80
Hey, just wanted to let you know I'm going to pass on the shirt for now. Thanks.
what size and prices are the heaven shirts?
The one with the unicorn is a size Small and the one with the angel is size Medium.

They both new with tags and retail for $29. But I am selling it for $14 each.
Ok. Id like to get the unicorn one. Do you use paypal?
I only accept money order or concealed cash only. Would that be okay for you?
Hi, I was wondering if you are still interested in the Heaven Unicorn tank?
Yeah I am, sorry. Where should I send it to? My email is
I'll buy either the gray one or the unicorn tank top, depending on whether or not the people above me take either of them. :)
I have two people interested in the grey shirt and unicorn one. If they decide not to buy it, I will let you know right away. Thank you for looking!
Alright. Thanks!
Hi there. I just wanted to let you know that the unicorn top has been taken. Are you still interested in the grey Heatherette shirt?
Yes! My e-mail is :)